GTS Racing for Pocket PC

GTS Racing for Pocket PC 4.5

GTS Racing for Pocket PC 0.2 is a racing game for Pocket PC devices
4.5.5096 (See all)
Astraware Ltd.

GTS Racing for Pocket PC 0.2 is a racing game developed by Astraware for Windows Mobile powered Pocket PC devices.
The game is a bit old, so the game's graphics are a bit outdated in comparison to most of the new games. In addition to this I must say that the 3D look of this game is not real 3D, this affects the overall graphic quality of the game. Nevertheless, graphics are not everything and the game is simple and funny to play.
The game features 8 different tracks, each with 4 difficulty levels (progressively tougher track layouts) for a total of 32 combinations. There are also 4 different race categories: Single Race, Challenge Cup, Grand Tour, and Championship, and 3 different speed settings. The advanced categories (everything except Single Race) include qualifying laps, time restrictions and a couple of very competitive drivers.
GTS Racing for Pocket PC 0.2 is a demo version of the retail product. In this version you will only be able to play Single Race mode, in order to be able to play the other modes, the game must be registered.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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